The Airplane – PA-28-235

I’m fortunate to have earned a private pilots license way back in 2004. In 2020 during the Covid pandemic I had an opportunity to purchase a share in an airplane, so I did. Meet N235MA, pronounced “November Two Three Five Mike Alpha”.

The “235” is a well known workhorse of the general aviation fleet. It’s considered a workhorse because it can almost carry it’s empty weight in payload; it was 1,470 lbs and you can put 1,430 lbs of people, fuel, and payload and still get off the ground. Where many 4 seat GA aircraft can really only carry two adults with full fuel, the 235 can be loaded up with full fuel, and still carry four adults with luggage.

Performance Specifications

1967 Piper PA-28-235
Also known as a Piper Cherokee 235, Pathfinder, P28B, or simply “235”.

Powerplant: 235 HP Lycoming O-540-B4B5
Cruise Speed: 136 Knots/156 MPH
Stall Speed (Clean Configuration): 61 Knots/70 MPH
Stall Speed (Landing Configuration): 52 Knots/60 MPH
Fuel Burn @ 75% Power: 14 gallons per hour
Fuel Capacity: 84 gallons. 17 gallons in each wing tip tank, plus 25 gallons in each wing tank.
Maximum Gross Weight: 2,900 lbs.
Standard Empty Weight: 1,470 lbs.
Maximum Useful Load: 1,430 lbs.

Useful Documents

POH (Pilots Operating Handbook)


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