Restaurant Recommendations in Rome

Restaurant Recommendations

Forno Campo de’ Fiori

This place is high on the list of touristy restaurants, but for good reason. It’s right on the perimeter of Camp de’ Fiori and is serving up some tasty treats like Pizza Bianca.

Il Fornaio

A bakery and its delicious. This was our first food stop after landing in Rome and checking into our AirBnB. At lunch time have sandwiches like the Pizza Bianca con Mortadella. It’s similar to Forno, but not as touristy and, in my onion, just as tasty with a larger selection of pastries and baked good.

Cul De Sac

I would call this a great “Date Night” restaurant. It’s a tiny restaurant with a wine list large than you could ever imagine. The staff is extremely knowledgeable of the wines and encourages you to try different things. Let them guide you around the wine list, you won’t be disappointed. The restaurant has limited inside seating, so expect to sit out front on the sidewalk and watch cars and pedestrians whisk by.

La Casa del Caffe Tazza d Oro

Need a coffee break or a little snack to hold you over? This is the place. Pretty much across the street from the Pantheon. Quick service. Quality coffee and baked goods.


We had the pleasure of dining here with a New York Times food editor. She guided us through the menu and boy, it did not disappoint.

Antico Forno Roscioli

This is another bakery serving up different Roman pizza’s. It’s similar to “Forno” but owned by the the same family who owns Roscioli. This was a stop on our food tour.

Ancient Pizzicheria Ruggeri

This is not a restaurant, but a small market and deli. They serve prepared foods and are eager to please.

Pizzarium Bonci

Bonci is a bit touristy. It’s been featured in countless foodie blogs and was even the subject of Episode 2 of the Netflix series “Chef’s Table: Pizza”. It’s very good. Expect long lines. There’s no place to sit, so you will take it to go and stand and eat on the sidewalk. The pizza is not what you will find at the various fornos around Campo de’ Fiori. Think thick crust “pan pizza” loaded with toppings. When you order you point at what pizza you want, and then indicate how large of a slice you want. The cut it, reheat it, and then charge you by weight for your slice(s).

This is within walking distance of Vatican City. We couldn’t find any restaurants that grabbed our attention in that area so we were happy to see that Bonci was close by. Side note: the one restaurant that we did eat breakfast at directly across from the entrance to the Vatican museums was an extremely overpriced tourist trap.

Piccolo Buco